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Thank you to my friends both in person and online for their support. Without it, I would have never published. One day in sobriety, he revitalized a lifelong passion for writing. He kept going and worked at figuring out how to publish. Thank you for reading my book! I appreciate your support.

Matt takes it one day at a time. Like the characters in the story, he works on his character defects every day. He believes that’s one of sobriety’s gifts: his own ability to identify what he does. He goes to meetings, participates in the fellowship, and prides himself on how boring his life is. He drinks coffee every day and eats tacos on a regular basis. He enjoys reading great writing, watching sports, and drinking Topo Chico. Since he got sober, his greatest accomplish each day is going to bed without drinking. Sometimes that makes him lazy, but in his mind, he’s grateful to be sober.

Smashwords Interview

What do you read for pleasure?
I read the Washington Post every day. In college, I read the post online for free most days. When I graduated, I took the GRE and randomly scored high on the writing portion. I say random because I first studied engineering, then finished with a business degree. I know it's because I read the post every day in school.
I also read the New Yorker. It's another habit I started college. The New Yorker really inspires me to write. I'll read a story and think, one day I want to write that well. For the time being, I want to create a story.
I'm always looking for a great book to read. Recommend something to me!
Describe your desk
My desk is a coffee shop. I sit at a table, drink coffee, and work on my Amazon Fire. Nothing inspires me like a great cup of coffee.
My second desk is at home, late at night. I make my own coffee or tea, depending on how late it is. I will also drink a diet soda. I didn't realize how habitual this got until my dog got involved. At a certain point, when I made coffee, he walked over to the computer and lied down under the desk. He must have connected the smell of coffee with the computer.
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Self Aware: A Sci-Fi Book about A.I.
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 8,650. Language: English. Published: August 21, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Science fiction » Cyberpunk
(3.00 from 1 review)
Rodrick sat in his testing chair, stunned. Had he done it? Was the cyborg self-aware? He dedicated 10 years of professional work to this achievement. That didn’t include his schooling. He dreamed of this moment for as long as he could remember. He made it his goal once he got into a top 20 computer science program. Now he had done it. He created a fully conscious, self-aware cyborg.
An Intimate Crisis
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 6,740. Language: English. Published: May 28, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Literature » Literary
Often in sobriety we feel that other people are the problem In reality, drinking was but a symptom, and we realize the problem comes from our own character defects. If you are in AA, you'll like this collection of short stories.

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