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As far back as he can remember Matt Harrigan has been fascinated by how the body functions, moves, and adapts to the world around us and to the stresses we apply to it. Challenging his physical body has always been some what of a hobby for Matt, be it through sports, exercise, or self-imposed competition. In 1989 he set out by himself on a bicycle and rode across the United States. The journey took him from New York south to Tennessee, then west to Wyoming, north into Canada and finally finishing on Whidbey Island, Washington just north of Seattle. The journey turned out to be much more than a physical one and was equally part a mental and spiritual journey for him.

Living in Seattle he first came across the idea of chi while studying Aikido (or Ki as the Japanese refer to body energy). Then several years later while living above his in-law's acupuncture center he read about the 24-hour cycle of chi in a book about the Chinese exercise of Chi Kung. This lead to development of the Chi Watch, then 24/7 Chi iPhone app and now his first book Body Energy - Unlock The Secrets Of The Chinese Body Energy Clock.

Matt is currently pursuing his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree with plans to graduate in the Spring of 2014. Matt and his wife Ruth have 4 children, are hobby beekeepers. They have created a line of all natural skin care using their honey at .

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