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Matthew James Hunt spent many years working in projects for adults living with mental illness and homelessness. Several of the main characters in I AM NOT GOG were inspired by people he met during his time working in those projects - wonderful people with charm, personality, and strength, despite their vulnerabilities. Matthew has sought to honour their spirit with this story.
I AM NOT GOG, is richly allegorical from start to finish. It is constructed of six tiers or strands of subtle allegory, the first, 'source' tier being a simple, sweet, and touching surface story of an eccentric woman's journey from emotional turmoil and social disenfranchisement to self-possession and freedom. The reader can choose to engage with the other allegorical tiers, or remain happily oblivious of them and simply enjoy the surface story.
For those interested in further exploring the allegory, the website has begun to grow an archive of insights into this and other aspects of the novel.
Matthew was raised in Leicestershire and now lives in London with his partner.

Smashwords Interview

What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
For me, to date, there aren't that many. Hah! But there are some. Chief among them has to be the almost (I think actual) spiritual ecstasy when an intractable 'problem' in the story turns out to have been an opportunity to find a solution far superior to what might have been. It's the discovery of a piece of the story that was always meant to be, and seems so right and perfect and comprehensively beautiful that I dare not believe it could have come from me alone. That is a real thrill.
What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
Having to put the kettle on, so my partner can get to work on time and earn my whiskey allowance.
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