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Maurilia Meehan lives in a country town in south-eastern Australia, where she feeds red rosellas in the mornings and chases away huge white cockatoos at dusk.
She is the award-winning author of five novels and many short stories, and her work has been translated into French and German.
Her first novel, Performances, was published by Women's Redress Press, Australia, a now (unfortunately) defunct co-operative. PERFORMANCES was a finalist in The AUSTRALIAN VOGEL AWARD.
Then Penguin Australia published Fury, about Olympe de Gouges, an activist guillotined during the French Revolution for her surprisingly modern views on everything from the monarchy to sexual liberation. Fury was translated into German as Furie Hinter den Spielgeln (Argument Verlag). FURY was a finalist in the prestigious MILES FRANKLIN AWARD.
The Sea People (also Penguin) explores an Ill-fated first settlement in Sorrento, Australia, where on of Maurilia's ancestors arrived in a convict ship. (He was transported for stealing a sheep). As in Fury, the narrative travels back and forth in time to tell its story. THE SEA PEOPLE was a finalist in the LOUIS BRAILLE TALKING BOOKS AWARD.
Adultery, also published by Penguin, is know!
And now The Bad Seed is published with Bewrite Books, a welcome return to Maurilia's small press origins. It is a subtly sinister story inspired by the sometimes eerie atmosphere of where she lives.
The Sea People is currently available from the author, and her other works (apart from The Bad Seed) are best found in various online 'antique/rare/hard-to-find' search sites!
At the moment she is putting together a volume of over thirty published short stories (and some new ones) and is completing a new novel which plays with the Christie format, Miss Marple's Secret. This collection will include THE VICTORIAN FAW SHORT STORY AWARD WINNER.

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