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Smashwords book reviews by Matt Carnegie

  • Flexible Survival on Jan. 02, 2012

    From the same author that brought you the 'Flexible Survival' game. David goes further in-depth on both the three factions and how the world became what it was. Four Characters, three of which are the ideal personalities for the three factions. Zephyr Inc, Rsx, and the Prometheans. Every character was portrayed differently, with emotions that created a bond between the reader. You feel what they felt. Very well written as a whole, an easy, yet interesting and exciting read. You can't put this book 'down'! The implementation of familiar faces from the game to the supporting characters is a pleasant surprise as well, further aiding in the reader's immersion. The backgrounds/ideals of all three factions shine through brilliantly with each individual. Something that is not easily done with switching points of view between multiple, and quite different, characters. The only reason I give a 4/5, is because I believe David could have gone more in depth on certain details, such as the 'visual' aspects in this novel. Though it is a minor deduction, it doesn't deter from the feel and overall quality of this novel. Worth every penny, and then some. I recommend this book for both those who play the game, and those fresh to the series as well. Either way, you are sure to fully enjoy the read. Two thumbs - way up!
  • Flexible Survival: New Arrival on Jan. 02, 2012

    Quite a nice little short story! Fun, to the point: Everyone recalls those mistakes made when they first join! Fun times are definitely ahead.