Smashwords book reviews by Maymunah

  • The Pen Was Mightier on Oct. 21, 2014

    A fun little story. I like seeing the names of fiction markets I read/listen to in fiction, it's a nice touch.
  • The Cats and the Cockatrice on Feb. 16, 2024

    It was very good! Will definitely read more of this series.
  • The Unicorn's Beard on Feb. 16, 2024

    Fun and original! The author gets animal care and customers exactly right. The sequel is very good too.
  • To Clear the Air on Feb. 16, 2024

    Very original and touching. Features orcs who make lace and a terrifying firebird.
  • Chrysalis on May 08, 2024

    This was fun, and bittersweet. I think it's a story about becoming someone else, in more ways than just turning into a giant bug.