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  • The First on Dec. 27, 2012

    The First is a great young adult read! I was disappointed at first because I thought it would be more of an adult science fiction but I must say that I enjoyed reading this book. I liked the fact that Cassie wasn't afraid to make friends with such an unusual girl! Even at the expence of loosing some of her shallow and insensitive friends. And I loved her brassiness!! She spoke up and really came through for Violet. I felt bad for Violet at the beginning of the book. All the kids made fun of her and she didn't stand up to them. But when I found out that she had special powers - that was pretty cool! I really got into this book towards the end and couldn't wait to find out what direction it would go in. Love the kind of books that you just can't put down! The book has a nice plot and it's well written for the younger crowd. I did find a few spelling and grammar errors (which ,personally ,bother me). I wonder if this was proof read? I do think the book will be a big hit with the middle school crowd! I'd rate this book 3.5 stars.