Good 'morrow rabies and germs, my name's McConnaughay and the fact you're reading this entails you're in-search of who I am. I am a writer, although, I don't have the popularity to appropriately refer to myself as an author yet. In the same way if you bludgeoned me with a lead-pipe you'd be labeled as the person who murdered McConnaughay, instead of the person who assassinated him. There's a fine-line to it. There's still hope though, and maybe one day I'll be assassinated yet.

----Early Years----

The passion I have for the written word started at an early age, when, as a child, I'd doodle out panels for The Bombastic Pencil Man, complimented by sloppily chicken-scratched dialogue to go with it. Years later, when I was eleven, I started writing a novel aptly titled "The Direction," taking influence from R.L. Stein style Goosebumps novels and loose memories I had of The Twilight Zone. In the end, "The Direction" amounted to 30 hand-written pages to an unfinished manuscript. I worked on-and-off again thereafter, appeasing my artistic side through text-based role-playing games (an important tool I believe influenced the action-scenes in one of my later novels: Blind Salvation) and watching every horror film I could get my hands on. I started a screen-play for a horror novel I intended to record with my friends that never came to fruition, be it from a lack of resources or the fact that I was far too awkward and insecure to ever attempt anything like performing a role.

----Blind Salvation (Published March 1st, 2015)----

It was my Freshman year (2010-2011) that I first seriously grabbed writing by the horns and went all the way with it (that metaphor sounds stranger in-retrospect than intended). It was in my World History class, where, in a very ho-hum class period, I jotted down my thoughts and began the process to what would eventually become my first novel Blind Salvation. I'd consider what I wrote as being an introspection that eventually unfolded into a superhero-vigilante novel about a masked man who ruthlessly murders people (as you do). The novel took me a year to write, influenced by Jeff Lindsay's "Darkly Dreaming Dexter," anime like "Death Note," as well as the superhero and horror stories of my youth. Blind Salvation is rough-around-the-edges (I edited it so many times I can barely stomach looking at it now), but I believe it is the story that the 15-year old odd-ball needed to write. I definitely think it has its moments too! Blind Salvation is available on Kindle for $0.99 on Amazon. Check it out!

----The Aeonian & Vulpecula (Unpublished works)----

After (temporarily) freeing myself from Blind Salvation's demanding clutches in the Summer 2011, my Sophomore year conceived the enormous undertakings of The Maharris Fantasy and The Adventures of Vulpecula. Sometime or another, the idea of being able to harness the power of a "God" as a form of weaponry entered my brain, and with it, I created the frameworks of my second finished manuscript "The Aeonian". The novel introduced characters and started the journey of the Maharris Fantasy.

In-between that, I started writing The Adventures of Vulpecula, originally envisioned as a super-agent fox, which amounted to a 100-page unfinished manuscript that came together. The super-agent fox iteration of Vulpecua took influence from the mascot video-games of my youth like Ratchet & Clank and Sly Cooper, whereas the Vulpecula character who appears in The Canes Files is more akin to a mystery-detective character with ADD, OCD, and a potential personality disorder.

In my Junior year, I finished The Aeonian's 450-page manuscript. Instead of editing it, however, I more-or-less tossed it aside, and after four years, I haven't really looked at it since. Instead, I wrote a series of books that will lead up to it much later.

----The Red Flux & the Wunderkind Thief----

The Red Flux & the Wunderkind Thief is my second novel, released for the Kindle on Amazon in July 2016. The concept of The Red Flux was originally conceived as a short-prequel meant to promote the eventual release of The Aeonian. Instead, The Red Flux amounted to a 400-page novel in its own right that's expected to have at least one sequel. The novel tells the story of a thief named Secrat, who is also featured as a prominent character in The Aeonian series. I wrote the novel off-and-on in 2014-2015, alongside many other projects, many of which remain unfinished. I am very proud of The Red Flux & the Wunderkind Thief novel.

----Catherine: Forever with Love----

One other project that I worked on alongside The Red Flux was dusting off The Direction, re-working its character and subject-matter in-order to create Catherine: Forever with Love. The novel acts as a love-letter to the horror genre, paying homage to the slasher genre, as well as injecting some psychedelic chaos of my own breed. I had a lot of fun with it. It also has some connections to the Maharris Fantasy series with "The Aeonian" being featured as a cursed book, haunted by characters from The Maharris Fantasy that have been corrupted and turned into evil monstrosities. Catherine: Forever with Love is my third novel and was made available October 31st, 2017 for the Kindle on Amazon.

---- Other Projects ----

- My fourth novel is called Katalene, a fantasy novel set in the same universe as The Red Flux & the Wunderkind Thief (albeit, some 40-50 years earlier), it tells the story of a woman named Katalene, who searches tombs in-search of riches, alongside her brother Rooven. I expect the novel to be ready-to-go sometime in early-to-mid 2018.

- My fifth novel is The Canes Files (featuring the fox named Vulpecula I wrote about earlier), he'll be featured alongside a character named Detective Barker, a collaborative effort I've written with my older brother Scott Moore. The novel is comprised of twelve episodes and the episodes are set to arrive monthly with a full-fledged Kindle release due out December 31st, 2018.

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"Blind Salvation: An Origin Story" is an experimental anomaly. The first full-length novel from writer McConnaughay, this book blends elements of horror and comic-book heroes into a dark and humorous written narrative. The book follows a normal everyday fellow named Orion, who just so happens to don a cape and body-armor as he kills criminals in his free-time.

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