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Smashwords book reviews by Sullivan McPig

  • Twin-Bred on Oct. 13, 2011

    An original and beautifully written SciFi story. Twin-Bred is written in a calm, narritive, almost detached tone of voice which fits this story about a scientific experiment really well. The story is really intriguing and I couldn't stop reading as I wanted to find out where this experiment would lead and what would happen to the human and Tofa children who were brought in to the world. Would they really be able to make a difference? The Tofa are interesting and well worked out aliens. Wyle really succeeded in making them likeable, but at the same time mysterious and a bit creepy. As the story focuses on the humans and the Twin-Bred children, the 'real' Tofa stay mysterious, their actions strange and seemingly dual in nature and they act as a possible threat throughout the experiment. In a way this story reminded me of Čapek's 'War with the Newts', not surprising as both stories shine a light on how humans treat each other and where we go wrong. But where Čapek's view is a grim one, Wyle still leaves some hope that we as a species might one day see the light. All in all a beautiful, thought provoking tale. I will keep an eye out for Wyle's next book.
  • A Luring Murder on Nov. 22, 2012

    I loved A Grand Murder, the first book in this series. At the end of that book our heroine Catherine is going on a (well deserved) vacation. Verdick Case hadn't planned on writing a story that takes place during that vacation, but when it turned out many fans of A Grand Murder wanted to know what happens on that vacation, she decided to give them what they wanted and A Luring Murder was born. And I can tell you I'm glad Verdick Case wrote this book because it is so much fun! I love Catherine. she's grumpy, tough and says things most people only think. Still Verdick Case manages to make her a very likeable character who you want to root for. I also loved the banter between Catherine and her partner Louise and the interaction between Catherine and her husband. The murder mystery is very cool as well. There's a good build up in the investigation, with clues being found, suspicions being raised and more death to add to the mystery. The setting of a little lake side town really works well in this story and adds to the atmosphere. I could picture the town and its inhabitants with ease. So I can advice this book to anyone who loves a fun and suspenseful murder mystery. I will certainly keep an eye out for the next Catherine O’Brien book, be it planned or written because Catherine's fans demand a certain story to be told.