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  • Man of Power: Power Seduces All on Aug. 26, 2021

    Wonderfully Written, Pacing is well thought and every characters are given enough background. there is no rush for anything but still has so many sexual encounters. loved the work. thank you for the book Korben.
  • Man of Power 2: Honeymoon Family Trip on Sep. 18, 2021

    good erotica capturing everything in that trip, lot's of sexual encounters. Disha at the airport is my fav one from this part. looking forward for third part as many more are introduced at the end of this part. great series so far
  • Rising Star: Casting a Web Series the Hard Way on Aug. 13, 2022

    very well thought and organised stories, I loved other series as well. korben is my best fantasy writer
  • Dream House 1: An Easy Interview on May 17, 2023

    Enjoyed reading the progression, while it was fast as it was expected from short story, it was not rushed. the choice of Kiara and her dress was amazing., i am thinking about reading part -2 soon, hoping for lots of more actions in this series.