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Muse tamer, character wrangler, creator and destroyer of worlds, Megan Cutler writes the kind of science fiction and fantasy stories she has always enjoyed reading. She grew up in a small town in central Pennsylvania and moved to Canada after marrying the love of her life. In 2013 she published her first book, Island of Lost Forevers, the beginning of the Mystical Island Trilogy. She spends her days honing her craft, trying to develop enough ice crystals in her blood to stop feeling the cold during Canadian winters and hoping to appease her characters enough that they will allow her to sleep.

The Mystical Island Trilogy follows two intrepid academics, Catilen Taylor and Damian Cooke, as they explore a dimension-hopping island that first appears off the coast of San Francisco. Damian is a sorcerer who has spent his life searching for proof of his craft that others will accept. Catilen is an empath who would rather hide her abilities. Both believe the strange island will answer their deepest desires, but there may be a nightmare lurking beneath the surface.

Eternity's empire follows a group of college students who have gathered in Antarctica to participate in an archeological dig. When one of the girls touches the dig's prized artifact, it sets in motion a series of bizarre event, including the discovery that she and her friends have the powers of ancient goddesses. They have to master their new abilities quickly because time is running out to uncover the mysteries hidden in the newly discovered temple.

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