Melanie Wade


Melanie Wade Is a mother of two beautiful little girls, and her biggest passion besides her girls is cooking. Born and raised on the small Island of St Helena in the South Atlantic Ocean, she spent a lot of her childhood in the kitchen, cooking the family meals.

She moved to the UK at the age of 18, where she continued to follow her passion for food, working in hotel restaurants and even running her own catering business for a number of years, eventually giving it up to raise her first child.

Melanie’s approach to food is simple, it must look good and taste good. She has now added a third element to her food, it must be healthy too. After gaining a few pounds, she is now on a mission to lose the weight and live a healthier lifestyle, in doing so she is recreating and inventing new recipes that are kinder to your waistline, but continuing to deliver on flavour and presentation.

She is sharing her journey to better health via her blog, on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and of course, in recipe books too.

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Hairy Dieter's Inspired Lasagne
This tasty lasagne was inspired by hairy dieters, instead of using regular pasta sheets, sheets made from leaks were used instead. Overall this lasagne is low in calories and busting with flavour.


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