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  • Soul Deep on June 30, 2015

    Great read! While there's not as many cameos of I-team members as I could have hoped for ( I'm a hopeless I-team fan girl) I fell in love with Jack and Janet story from chapter 1 As always Pamela does a great job weaving stories with people who have their share of scars but feel more real because of what they have gone through. A must have for all I-team fans & readers looking for a romance between older people finding another chance at love!
  • Beast on April 14, 2016

    I'm a shameless fan girl when it comes to AJ's books. That being said I can't say I wasn't slightly apprehensive to see how she would handle the jump from her contemporary (very hot) suspense universe where the snark, self-depreciating dark humour of her heroines and heroes work like a charm to a fantasy medieval setting. I was worried about nothing, AJ rocked it. I loved Beast! I burned the midnight oil to finish it in one sitting. In short, Wynne is a really down on her luck farmer, coming to town to try to clear her name from a false accusation that just cost her everything. The jinx seems to hold as she gets into town just as the Beasts ( think Vikings) raze the town and carry her away as part of the spoils of war. Wynne promises herself to do everything she can to escape, while her captor Rune has other plans. It brought back memories of the The Wolf and the Dove, well, with way more graphic sex scenes and the fact that Wynne and Rune live in a fictional world with a few twists. It's a dark romance in the sense of the bodice ripper romances, with capture theme and dubious consent but it's not a dark romance in the sense of a dark hero to redeem (or not) as AJ crafted in her cartel books like Songbird. In Beast, our heroes are good guys in their POV but they live in a cruel and unforgiving world and will do whatever they deem necessary to survive and deal the best they can with the cards they've been dealt. Wynne is a pretty kickass heroine, she never admits defeat even if life keeps kicking her down. Her past, her intelligence and inner strength worked well in the context of the story. Rune's motivations take more time to explore as the whole story unfolds through Wynne's eyes but he was definitely a yummy alpha male.
  • Fletcher on Nov. 07, 2016

    Fletcher is the second book set into A.J.'s Prydain universe. You don't need to read Beast to get into it, though it does give an edge as you'll be already familiar with the rules and customs of the world. Fletcher follows a completely different set of characters, with no prior appearances in the previous book. Fletcher starts as a plain old tale of revenge: Ware Fletcher returns home to find it destroyed, and sets on a quest to make the person responsible pay. Along the way, he buys Lind, a rebellious thrall, as her skills could prove pivotal in his plans for revenge. From there on, absolutely nothing goes according to plan, but tell you more might spoil some plot twists. Prydain is a medieval fantasy world. It's not pretty, it's raw, violent and rife with inequalities. But as soon as you feel comfortable with that fact, Fletcher and Lind story might be - in my opinion - one of the sweetest romance AJ has ever built so far. It's not instalove, it's a relationship building slowly through the obstacles they face alone and together. Like all of AJ heroines, Lind is strong, intelligent and in her case, doesn't exactly shy at making it known, even when it can spell trouble for her. Fletcher is cunning, sometimes hotheaded, and 100% alpha. Both characters grow a lot during the novel, which could almost classify as a 'roadmovie' in terms of structure. I really had fun reading their adventures, the snark and humor present through both main characters POV a balm for the sometimes bleak and violent world they live in. I can't wait to see where in Prydain AJ will take us next!
  • Tempting Fate on July 02, 2017

    Every now and then a book gives me goosebumps while reading it, Tempting Fate was one of those. I loved it.