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Born in Glasgow, Scotland. Grew up in the new town of East Kilbride. Began scribbling stories at the tender age of five. At ten, discovered heavy metal and Douglas Adams. Never looked back. Rumours that he sold his soul to the Devil at a Scottish crossroads in exchange for literary flair may have been exaggerated. Then again, Satan does like to hang out in Scotland and is said to live in Old Alloway Kirk...

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  • Fusion on Dec. 05, 2011

    The short story is one of the most difficult writing forms to master. Like full-length fiction, an effective short story must have a distinct beginning, middle and end. Unlike long fiction, there’s no room for pontification; all literary fat must be trimmed off, leaving only what is vital to the plot. In Fusion, a collection of masterfully crafted short stories by Maria Savva, the subject matter is very much rooted in reality. Each story explores a particular aspect of humanity: love, longing, greed, cruelty, justice and compassion, to name a few. Many of the stories have a moral, like modern-day Aesop’s fables, making them all the more remarkable. Another strength of the stories in Fusion is their plausibility. You won't find vampires, werewolves or adolescent wizards here, and the collection is all the better for it. Maria Savva is a natural storyteller and an incisive observer of the human condition. Her short stories are celebrations - sometimes dark-tinged ones - of what it is to be human. Like all the best artists, she makes it look easy.