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  • O N C E-----Ask me anything, not Love on Aug. 30, 2010

    Review by Sheryl Ann Wilson - Metisangel Aug 30,2010 Many worldwide writers of love exist. However, MIAN's writing style, focusing not only on entertaining the reader, but also teaching a deep lesson is unique. "The Letter" is the one tool which grabs the reader to not wish to stop reading along with the comedy of this man not realizing that he is growing to love his protagonist. This one thing "love" that he fights in his life is overtaking him and yet he cannot fight it, for it is larger than any of his energies of life. Then the fascinting theme change to him placing his love for the protagonist, now onto a female adopted child is fascinating and heart endearing. This shows the depth and with of love experienced, all because M opened the door. M's realization of the importance of love and the fact that one can foolishly loose it, never to be regained, though feeling the effects forever are poiniant and true. These facts and the many quotes so true of the principles of love cause a deep impression on the reader, with story lessons which shall remain forever deeply in the heart, only to be broght to the surface upon memory are the forever traits of this writing. O N C E is a story which should be shared with everyone possible for it's deeply weaved within spiritual and life lessons and of course it's enjoyabiity. O N C E would make a most wonderful film.