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Already a hybrid author and no soon after he published his second novel on Amazon at age 24, Michael Bergonzi grew up with a love of all things fictional. Stories by Brian Jacques and J.K. Rowling inspired him at a young age to write, and get a mouse–which he named Luke, after the father of Martin the Warrior from Jacques’ Redwall series. He also got the first Harry Potter book in Scotland before it became big in the U.S. He was one of the few people at his school on halloween to dress as Harry Potter that year.
He is the founder of Audio Drama Reviews–a weekly review site dedicated to all things involving audible storytelling. His first novel, Moon and Star, is the first book in The Jakai Chronicles, a secondary world fantasy influenced by Feudal Japan. His favorite recent works include Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn Series and Dan Wells' John Wayne Cleaver Books. Both of which amaze him and make him question his own sanity.

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