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Smashwords book reviews by M H

  • Air Marshals on July 17, 2011

    “Air Marshals” is Marcus Wynne’s previously unpublished first novel. Originally written in the late 1990’s it was a prescient foreshadowing of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Marcus deftly combined factual historical events such as the kidnapping and killing of the CIA’s Beirut station chief William Buckley and the rash of aircraft hijackings that had occurred throughout the 1980’s and early 1990’s into a thought provoking thriller. As in his other novels Marcus’ knowledge of the special operations community, weapons and tactics creates an authentic realism rarely seen and brings the action to life. Marcus’s motley crew of air marshals, and other shooters and looters are undoubtedly modeled on real life men and women who serve our country in a variety of roles. His ability put the reader inside these characters and the situations in the novel is where Marcus shines. One aspect of the book that I appreciated was the depth Marcus gives to the “bad guys.” Too often antagonist characters are one-dimensional and underestimated while the protagonists easily piece the puzzle together. In Air Marshals, Marcus gives us dedicated antagonists with a well thought out tactical plan that were in many ways successful in conducting their operation. Air Marshals fits well into Marcus Wynne’s universe of books. If you’ve read Marcus’ previous novels give Air Marshals a shot, you’ll enjoy it.
  • Johnny Wylde on Dec. 29, 2011

    Marcus Wynne’s new book Johnny Wylde is the beginning of (hopefully) a new series with a new cast of characters and ruffians. I was delighted to see the return of Nina from No Other Option though we see her in a much darker light than before. This book serves as a slight departure from some of his earlier novels; imagine a pulp fiction novel combined with the feel of a film noir but with the action of a Jason Bourne movie. Marcus’ skill is evident not just in his descriptions of gunplay and violence but with an introspectiveness that brings his characters to life and draws the reader in. From the stripper who quotes Buddha and Miyamoto Musashi with ease, to the lady cop with her Glock .45 and the sunny SoCal assassin who likes her sharp knives, you will be left wanting more. If you’ve read Marcus’ previous works, you will enjoy Johnny Wylde. If this is your first time with Marcus, grab a cup of your favorite poison, get comfortable and hang on for the ride because you’re not going to get any work done.