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Latest book: The Eilean Mor Mystery. Published February 12, 2017. (5.00 from 3 reviews)

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  • When There is Blood on the Moon on May 18, 2013

    I have to admit, for a short story this book was quite enticing. The story is gripping from page one and relentless to let go until you reach the climatic conclusion. All in all a good read. Worth checking out.
  • The Thirst on May 18, 2013

    After reading his first short story "When there is blood on the moon" I was intrigued to see what he (Eduard Joseph) had to offer next. I must say I was pleasantly surprised by his take on the immortal craze that was almost completely destroyed by the Twilight saga. This short story goes back to the roots of immortality and just like its predecessor, this book has an interesting end. So far the best one by Eduard Joseph yet.
  • Morgue of the Living on May 18, 2013

    Well, well, well! This was an interesting read! I have to admit I am becoming a big fan of this author. His work is interesting and fresh. I noted from the "Other works by" page that he is working on a novel called "The Town". I am really looking forward to the next ebook by Eduard Joseph as I am now an avid fan of his work. This book is definitely worth reading and the ending was the complete opposite of what I expected.
  • Trick or treat on May 19, 2013

    I just finished reading this fun and funny horror story. I just love the detail that went into setting the mood and the characters. It is not often that I read horror stories as I find that most horror stories are the same and usually depicts an upset Chinese ghost with wet hair. This is however not the case with "Trick-or-Treat." It follows two different sets of brothers as they embark on their separate ways on Halloween. Two brother go to a party in a graveyard despite one being afraid, while the other two go from house to house looking for candy, but are met by some rather odd people along the way. Very easy read. Very entertaining.
  • Freaks Want Love Too on July 10, 2013

    I downloaded this book when it was still on amazon.com and loved every minute of it. It is a typical (but not quite typical) love story of boy meets girl. As the title suggests the boy is anything but normal. Cougar lives a secluded life on the family farm, but longs for more to life. The brotherly bond between the two boys are simply beautiful and I found myself tearing up at several points throughout the story. The ending came as a shock - just when you thought everything would turn out alright in the end Eduard Joseph throws you a curve-ball twist like with his other works. When I got to the last few pages I could not go to sleep until I finished it. It's been months since I first read this book and its beautiful and sad story still haunts me. When I see the cover of the book, I am reminded of the doomed love story and i get all teary again. I simply adored this book and highly recommend it to anyone. THIS IS A MUST READ
  • Ultimatum on July 10, 2013

    I just love a good mystery and this short story does not disappoint. The sinister Zaman from "The man who refused to grow old" is back in another Eduard Joseph eBook and i have to say i love this character. He is such a mysterious character and one knows by now that once Zaman enters the story mayhem is sure to follow.