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The art of writing for me is like a painting.
You have an idea of what you want to paint, (like a face). Is it a woman's face or a man's? Is the face thin or fat? What kind of facial characteristics does it have? That is in the background? Are there other people in the scene of the painting? Is it a realistic work of art or more open to the imagination like an abstract?

Well, all writing has some reality in it from the writer's world. Some have more realism in them than others. Mine are a combination of both. Some are stories within stories. Ernest Hemmingway was good at this. Some writers start with outlines on paper. I start with an idea in my head and the main characters.

Then I sit down and write. No outline of the story on paper, just write. I see the story in my head the people faces and streets the view from the windows and so on. It is like viewing a movie in your head, which to me is the way to write.

The reader needs to see the story in their head as you do. Plus, smell it and sometimes taste it? This may make them hungry, so they grab a sandwich but it should also make them hunger to read more. In school many times the teacher would tell us to get out a piece of paper and write a story, sometimes there was a theme, like an attic and a picture to write from.

Other times it was just free writing open to your imagination. I would be the first to start and the last to finish. The teacher would love the stories but oh brother, the red marks for the spelling or grammar. But it always said at the top of the paper "Great story". Once a teacher ask me if I wrote it? I laughed the funny things was it was one that had been written during class so who else could have written it.

The art of writing is in the minds eye. The vision of the writer is just like the artist or painter. It is done to make you smile, laugh, cry and to touch you heart in away that inspire you to your goals and dream.

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Describe your desk
It is an unfinished desk, that way I can get paint, ink or whatever on it and I just have to sand it out. It has special meaning to me it was give to me by one of my best friends and she is also my sister. It is covered with my Computer, lots of pens and pencils, printer, Paints and brushes, resource books. lots of dust rather write than clean... LOL
When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
If I am not writing I am painting. My first love was of drawing and see a story in the works I would create. I started writing them down in poem or short story form. So, my time not writing is still spent telling a story.
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