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“Every time, I read her books it brings an up-lifting to my spiritual growth. There’s an overwhelming feeling you get when you’re reading and come across the very thing you’ve been thinking of. It solidifies the investment of your time and encourages you to think on a different level. Michelle keep up the good work as God continue to pave the road for you in such an artistic and exciting way.”
-Sheila Cunningham Clark
Assistant Manager SCRHA#1

“This is a thought provoking book that will entertain your thinking and ideology on different subjects. Its creative flow of words will challenge you to mentally and verbally respond to its delivery. A great tool for group forum, “You Say That to Say What.”
- Gwendolyn Jones

“Michelle Robertson's book could be titled "Soul Food" because you are given practical advice for everyday living, based on the Bible. You are given powerful bite size servings, to equip your soul for life's journey. These Food For Thought will challenge, motivate and inspire you but most importantly strengthen your walk of faith. So eat as much as you need, as often as you need it. You will finish the book full and ready to release the wisdom imparted to you to change not just your circumstances but your life.”
-Shemeka Foster

“Many thanks, to the author. This book not only contains guidance, encouragement and faith packed messages from cover to cover; it is filled with valid teachings. I just love reading her work because the words will get you through many trying days. She touches the bases of a wide variety of topics and subject matters. This book could not have been written at a better time in life. This is my stepping stone to an understanding of a higher power all while working on becoming a better me. This is an awesome and powerful read!!!”
-Antione Pittman
Medical Assistant

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The ability to enjoy a conversation has a lot to do with the skills a person may have in holding ones attention. You don't want to be predicable or lackluster in your dialog. The exchange of words should be express with the idea of accomplishing an impact of remembrance. Rather you are having a talk of continuation or the last word you want to leave an effective bearing. "YOU SAY THAT TO SAY WHAT FOOD FOR THOUGHT" paves the way for good conversation or meaningful thinking.

She took a breath and began, "What is your name?" The man pause before answering, as if waiting for her undivided attention, both physically and mentally. Then looking up and staring her straight in the face, he replied, "I'm called Death." Death Has No Rules especially speaks to those who are living their lives without God by reflecting a dramatic view of how it arrived on the scene for a few of its candidates.


You Say That To Say What Food for Thought
Price: $4.95 USD. Words: 23,040. Language: English. Published: May 15, 2015. Categories: Fiction » Inspirational
Written to display the highlight of using words to entertain simple thoughts. The expressions and thoughts given in each saying will engage you in the different point of views concerning the diversity of the subject. Enjoy the Food for Thoughts that you will encounter as you partake of the words expressed.

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