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MD (Mike as his friends call him) lives in the State of Wyoming in the US with his wife Nat and enjoys the great outdoors such as hunting and fishing. A longtime resident of Wyoming, Mike has also lived overseas in Asia and enjoys returning to that part of the world, mostly to enjoy the various foods, to visit friends and family.

Mike finished his first full length novel in the Fiction/Historical/Native American genre a few years ago, Memories of a Distant Future, published on Smashwords. "It was such a great adventure to pick up this novel where I had left it years ago and finish it," he says. "I had an outline of where it was to go but where it ended up was nowhere near there and the novel is better for not sticking to the original outline." The story is set in the high plains of eastern Wyoming some time in the 'distant' past.

This novel is the first of three novels planned for the Way of the Horse series with more rattling around inside his head both within this genre as well as others such as Fantasy and Sci-fi.

Smashwords Interview

Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I grew up moving all over southern Wyoming and northeastern Utah. I lived in the Flaming Gorge area of northeastern Utah during high school and this is where I learned a love of reading. We had a very long bus ride to and from school and I read tons of books during that time. I also learned to love being on the edge of civilization and that being by myself was invigorating. Growing up in these places taught me to think about the stories I read and imagine new ones. Once I got into college in southwest Wyoming I started my first try at novels and it was during these college years that I came across the idea for my first novel. Sadly it has taken nearly 20 years to finish it but it is finally ready. I used a lot of experiences and memories from living in and around Wyoming to help me write the novel and develop the character, Jim.
When did you first start writing?
As I said in my previous question, I really started writing when I was in college although I had high school teachers that really liked to read some of my writing assignments and encouraged me to continue. In community college I studied Journalism and this helped me gain a few skills in writing that have come in pretty handy in a lot of ways since. While in this community college I also joined a writer's guild and attended a local group who was writing novels. It was really fun to find other like minded individuals who wanted to write and would write about things that I had always thought so boring, yet they made them so interesting. Those years opened my eyes to the world of writing.
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