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Name: Lorrianne Yuki Austerford
Nickname(s): Yuki | Lorri

Lorri is an aspiring authoress who treasures big dreams, even if they never come true. At the top of the list is her wish to be an internationally bestselling authoress. Further down are hopes to become an Elf or a Faery, live at Hogwarts, own a dragon and eat chocolate for breakfast every day. She began to read at the age of three, and loves reading, writing, ice-skating (however bad she is at it), manga and anime. Lorri makes friends with difficulty. Severe difficulty.

She can count all of her friends on one hand, has a somewhat multiple split-personality disorder, and adds 'nya' to the end of her sentences. Lorri is friends with fellow Wattpad authoress BadLuck, and has affectionately nicknamed her [BadLuck] 'Himitsu', the Japanese word for 'secret' and 'secrecy', due to the fact that BadLuck is rather 'secretive' and has an aura of 'secrecy'.

Lorri has a dislike of editing her own stories. She is okay with editing someone else's story though... if has been proofread and checked very carefully already. She also has a severe hatred for poorly edited stories (grammar, spelling etc.), as they 'hurt my brain to read'.

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