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  • Beg Me on Jan. 28, 2011

    I have started this review twice. Why? Because I am having trouble finding words describing the book, yet I feel I cannot skip this review. This is a dark book, filled with twisted memories. Yet at the same time, it feels hopeful. If there is a theme in this book to trust the world again. Shiloh Walker is a talented author, that manage to make each word, every sentence count. That combined with the tension between Drake and Tania created a read that I couldn’t put down. The plot isn’t the important part. No, the important part are the relationship between the characters. Both of them struggle, Tania with her past. Drake struggles with his feelings for her, the anger he feels against the thought of her getting hurt
  • Kat Among The Pigeons on March 10, 2011

    I have read a lot of urban fantasy, and a few of them hooks me at the first attempt. This book managed. Oh my. This book is wonderful. It hooked me from the first line. It starts with a hint of trouble, and from there the trouble just grow. I loved that Kat didn’t have a lot of power, she used what she had in a wise way. The banter between Kat and her animal friends were hilarious. I liked the romance plot between Kat and the Photographer. And. Well. I liked everything with it actually! It is a bargain at 1.99, better than many novel published by traditional publishers. The good part? She has a slew of other novels planned for this year.
  • Silky on June 20, 2011

    I bought this when the author ran a Memorial weekend sale, dropping the price to 0.99. A bargain, honestly, considering that the book is 500 pages. The plot felt a bit slow at the beginning, but that could be because this is an YAish fantasy. The world felt solid, with a couple of interesting twists. One of the things I liked most, was the fact that there was a parliament, remiscent of how it was in the 20th century Europe. In fact, a couple of times it felt like I was reading a Regency novel- with magic, and no romance.
  • Ada Nish Pura on July 28, 2011

    Lazette Gifford has quickly become one of my favorite authors. By picking up one of her books, I know I’ll get a good story. This book is Science Fiction, unlike the previous books I have read by her. The world is water dominated. It was fascinating to read how the species had adapted to the water. The plot was a bit slow at times, but I liked it. The slower pace made it possible to enjoy the world. The Seaborn and the Isu were suspicious towards Marcus in the beginning, which was logical. They had had bad experiences with the IWC. I loved how they used the rebels ignorance about the world to fight against the rebels. And the characters felt like human beings, with good and bad sides. During the book all of them suffered somehow. They fought to save their culture, to survive. The end was satisfying, and tied up all the lose threads.