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  • Christ Love on May 06, 2012

    Self indulgent assertions summarises the content of this e-book. This is a collection of assertions without any reliable or robust evidence. Accepting the claims in this little book because the evidence cited is the Bible, is like accepting that Hogwarts exists because it says so in the Harry Potter series. The only thing going for this book is that it is grammatically correct, well laid out and contains very pretty photos. The intellectual content is zip.
  • Jungle Fever on May 06, 2012

    Got to page five and gave up. The description is turgid and weighed down with adjectives which seem to be used because they can be. The main protagonist's motivation is bizarre. Half-rotting bodies inflame is passions for the woman travelling with him? Give me a break.
  • The Butler's Duties on May 06, 2012

    It made me laugh. Amusing and quite clever. I'd not claim it was erotic but well written and quite imaginative.
  • Between the Sheets - Eighteen Short Stories from the Stringybark Erotic Fiction Awards on May 06, 2012

    There are some very quirky and clever stories among this erotic anthology. And for once this is an erotic e-book that is stylish and literary and not simply a rehashing of Penthouse Letters. The best bit about this collection is that the stories actually ARE erotic.
  • Quick Reads: Kindred Spirits on May 13, 2012

    A well written and enjoyable read with a lovely message. Some of the writing is a little clunky with the reader finding out things which the writer has already obviously thought has already been told, but hasn't been. I'll look forward to reading more of Ed's material.
  • The Road Home and Other Award-winning Stories from the Stringybark Short Story Awards on May 13, 2012

    This is a wonderful anthology — one of the best I have read. The stories are very different, intriguing and provide a fascinating insight into Australia and Australian thinking. Great production quality — read beautifully on my iPad. I'm usually reticient about handing out stars, but I can't fault this one so you get the full shebang - five stars.
  • Grandpa's Hot Sauce on May 13, 2012

    Quaint and moderately interesting. The style was irritating as the speaker was unclear. What in the world is hot sauce?
  • The Meat Market on July 10, 2012

    Why is this listed under erotica? The start was terrific and really led to some arousing thoughts but the ending was a real downer (quite literally). I am with Margarete Schulz in her review. It is an excellently written story but wrongly categorised. Moving it to horror would score five stars but in erotica I can only come at three.
  • The Umbrella's Shade and Other Award-winning Stories from the Stringybark Short Story Award on July 10, 2012

    A friend suggested I try some of the Stringybark anthologies as I had complained about the poor quality of many Smashwords offerings. For $1.99 I couldn't ask for better. Well written, entertaining, poignant and pretty funny (at times). A great entertaining anthology.
  • Shannon and Ally Meet the Monster on Oct. 08, 2012

    A well written children's story with lots of repetition. Probably good for kids in the 5-6 range. Good messages about the environment too.
  • Between Heaven & Hell and Other Award-winning Stories from the Stringybark Flash Fiction Award on Oct. 08, 2012

    "Free-Diving" by Morgana MacLeod is the stand out story in this wonderful collection of short stories — erotic but unsettling the imagery lives with me weeks after reading the story. But perhaps it is unfair to highlight one tale. All the stories are fascinating in their own way. There are some very funny stories (eg the title story, "Between Heaven and Hell" by Annette Johnson) and some very heart-rending stories (eg "Mal's Coming for a Visit" by Rebecca Raisin. Great collection.
  • The Seven Deadly Sins on Oct. 15, 2012

    These Stringybark Anthologies get better and better. This is my fourth one I have puchased and I think it must be the best yet. Containing thirty-five short stories all relating to one (or more) of the Seven Deadly Sins I am hard pressed to find a favourite. The famous Graeme Simsion (of The Rosie Project fame) is one of the winners with his terrific very short story, "Eulogy for a Sinner", but he isn't the only great writer here. Rebecca Raisin is also featured with her story of gluttony, "True South." The language she uses is superb. This is a terrific anthology well deserving of five stars.
  • The Bridge — 21 Short Stories from the Stringybark Fiction Awards on May 21, 2013

    This is apparently a selection of entries into the Stringybark Short Story Awards that didn't make the cut. The Editor was so peeved that the judges over looked these tales that he published them anyway. I can understand why. These are terrific stories that deserved awards. A most enjoyable collection.
  • The Very End of the Affair on June 11, 2014

    Laughter is a bit rare now that Tony Abbott is in charge. Thank goodness that this little anthology exists to cheer up my day. Funny, poignant and at times outrageous. I don't agree with Micky Smit's review below - I laughed out loud quite a few times. Maybe this shows how well balanced the collection in. Well worth a read.