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Melody Mounier
Latest book: Empathin. Published November 30, 2017. (5.00 from 1 review)
L.M. Pickett
Latest book: The Lady Knight and the Princess. Published October 17, 2014.
Katie Ayres
Latest book: Ana in the New World Pt. One. Published April 15, 2017. (5.00 from 1 review)
Latest book: Unexpected Changes. Published November 9, 2018.
Alex Lockheed
Latest book: Being Sarah. Published October 17, 2014.
R.J. McKay
Latest book: PulseGirl (V) - Arraigned. Published September 26, 2016.
Tom Tame
Latest book: Backspace. Published September 3, 2014. (5.00 from 1 review)
Latest book: Regression at the Rawlings Reunion. Published February 13, 2016.
Shannon O'Mara
Latest book: Pigtail Punishments. Published August 13, 2014.
Athena Morgan
Latest book: Mistress J's Playthings. Published December 9, 2013.
Jen Harker
Latest book: Gay Sheriff's Endgame. Published September 7, 2014.
tj ryder
Latest book: Slave Swap!. Published November 17, 2013.
Benson Barker
Latest book: Where The Monsters Are. Published January 18, 2013.
Tess Dacre
Latest book: The Gentleman & the Tramps. Published November 1, 2012.
Jenni Ambrose
Latest book: Cowgirl Mistress Trilogy. Published August 21, 2012.
Dominic Corvina
Latest book: The Swordmaster. Published July 13, 2012.
Terri Leigh
Latest book: Sissy's Adventures - Sissy's First Date. Published April 29, 2012.
Trina Cox
Latest book: Spring Break Surprise!. Published May 9, 2014.
Allison Heather
Latest book: The Plan. Published January 14, 2018.
Rafaela Valdez
Latest book: A Willing Plaything. Published July 13, 2014.
Victorie Lazer
Latest book: Bred by My Fiance's Tentacles. Published April 16, 2013.
Natasha Pembrooke
Latest book: The Summoning. Published August 9, 2014.
Lucas Grindhouse
Latest book: The Temp. Published June 4, 2013. (4.75 from 4 reviews)
Terri Ryan
Latest book: All Change for Fleetwood. Published May 1, 2014.
Lilith T. Bell
Latest book: Rats and Sinking Ships. Published September 21, 2018.
Alastair Anders
Latest book: Dirty Gay Shorts. Published March 10, 2013.
Jessie Jordan
Latest book: Some Girls Like Big Girls (BBW Lesbian Erotica). Published November 24, 2012. (5.00 from 1 review)
Aimee Seoul
Latest book: Tranny Clause (A Kinky Christmas Story). Published December 5, 2012.
Ariella Dane
Latest book: Doggy Desires (Taboo Hardcore Beastiality). Published July 10, 2014.
Tara Stone
Latest book: Bad Girl! (Taboo Erotica). Published April 21, 2014.
Verity Rayne
Latest book: Flat-Chested Runner. Published December 16, 2015.
Mina Black
Latest book: Your Place. Published May 6, 2017.
Cindel Sabante
Latest book: Becoming Her Baby Boy (ABDL Age Play). Published July 22, 2015.
Regina Alyx
Latest book: My Crummy Valentine. Published February 10, 2013.
Jocelyn Riske
Latest book: Making Daddy Mine (Taboo Breeding Erotica). Published March 28, 2013.
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