Michael Compton


Michael currently resides in the great state of Kentucky with his loving wife Cherokee. Always an adventurer at heart, and blessed with an overly active imagination, he has spent his entire life pursuing the many mysteries that this world has to offer.
Michael loves to search the hills and hollows of the surrounding countryside for ancient artifacts of the bygone eras and imagine what those days would and could have been like. Many ideas for the writings he has given to readers come from the fore-said imagination and thought provoking ideas he has carried with him in his 53 years of being on this planet. Mike (as everyone calls him) has always been a firm believer in the bible and the mysteries that lie in its pages. Any of his readers will no doubt pick up quickly in his writings the relation of that great work interwoven into the plot. Mike is a firm believer in creation and says that God has left the door of this world open for everyone to build ice castles as to the hidden mysteries, also in his written word. Michael's writings are an attempt to draw all closer to the truth by implying (what-could-have-happened's in his works.) The past few years of Michael's life have been spent working on two titles with the first, "The Clashes Of Tarn" being published, and his second now in the process and nearly complete.
Michael believes all who read his works will be inspired and left with a sense of wonder when considering the mysteries of this great world in which we all live.

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