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  • Inhuman Salvation on Jan. 06, 2011

    I am just recently developing an interest in scifi, and I found The Venom of Vipers to be very intriguing. It's the year 2023, and a virus is slowly destroying the human population, with no visible cure in sight. To help figure out a cure, a new race of human-esque people called saphers have been created, who will hopefully help scientists figure out a cure for the virus. Dr. Kate Marsh is one of these scientists, who has come back from college to work with her father on finding a cure. The story centers around Kate, and her long time sapher friend, Ryder Stone. Overall, I found this story to be quite good. I thought that May dealt with the problem very realistically, and the moral issues in the story were believable as well. I liked (or liked to hate) all of the main characters, with the exception of Kate. She seemed flat to me, while Ryder was the most interesting of the characters (followed closely by Nelson perhaps). The plot moved along at a good pace, and though I was left with a feel detail oriented questions here and there, overall I really enjoyed this book.