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  • Strangler Figs on June 12, 2012
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    Peggy Brown creates a fresh version of a feminist heroine, an investigative reporter with a personal agenda. In Romona’s search to discover the perpetrator of a horrific crime, she uncovers the mysteries of her ancestry and discovers the gift of her heritage. Her journey, an adventure into Native American lore intersects with the Catholic Church and the corrupt Opus Dei. Independent and courageous, yet vulnerable and naïve, Ramona must learn to recognize evil among her allies, distrust the obvious and out wit her enemies. Thus, Strangler Figs becomes a novel of initiation that moves from the reservations in the Southwest across the ocean to Barcelona and Ibiza. Exciting and unpredictable, this is Brown’s first novel—I’m waiting for her next one. Miriam Kalman Friedman, Ph.D.