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I love reading. A lot. Which is why I have my personal library in my house. I basically read everything, as long as the description interests me. Sometimes I can get a glimpse of a good book through the description before buying any, but sometimes my imagination can play out too well and make it better than how it should have sounded like. The most expensive book I have ever bought is $35.

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  • Creatures of the Night on July 04, 2013

    Team Arsene! Team Banri ! Team Link ! Team Valline! Team Trace! Team Lelouch! Team Raion! Aaawwww, this is so good! Love it! Awesome! Loving it! Amazing! Lovely! Please never let this greatness end! I even downloaded all the books into my Samsung right now as I type this review. The cover is super awesome! You’re the best artist and writer, Stella Purple!
  • Creatures of the Dark on July 04, 2013

    There’s always the spark I felt every time I read this story
  • Creatures of the Mist on July 04, 2013

    I’m so putting this in my library! “Creatures of the MIST” by Stella Purple is the best!!! XD I wish “Creatures of the Ice” can be publish into a book so that I can read this over and over again offline XD A world of magic and evilness..... Nothing more amazing than “Creatures of the Ice”
  • Creatures of the Ice on July 04, 2013

    Bloodily good.... Beautiful! Brilliant! Beautifully written.... I want more! Please upload soon.... XD This story is amazing! Need more! Such a story as this should win a Watty Awards for Paranormal and Action genre! I love Paranormal! I love Action! I love “Creatures of the Mist”!
  • Blood Prize on July 21, 2013

    A very promising book that you must not miss! There is supernatural factor, a little bit mystery and twist! One that you would love to sink your teeth into....
  • White Bloodline (#1) (Reverse Harem) on Aug. 31, 2013

    A very rare masterpiece. No author in this world would have thought of mixing flowers with sex like in White Bloodline. There are a lot of sex, rape, kidnapping, which leads to eventually a making love. This is guaranteely a very dark tale. There is romance, horror, and fantasy. You will feel your blood rushing up and down for this book!
  • White Bloodline (#2) (Reverse Harem) on Aug. 31, 2013

    Reading this book is just like drinking honey. Seriously! Everything in this book impresses me all the way down to the very last sentence. I love what the author did with the plot and flow. Everything is on the right pace in White Bloodline. Comparing to Stella Purple's other books, this series is much slower, giving those readers who prefer slower paces to be enthralled. White Bloodline will keep you guessing who the ending should be: good ending or bad ending? Will the nightmare for Catalia be over?
  • Midnight on Aug. 31, 2013

    Not a bad read. Adults who like paranormal stories will find themselves satisfied with this book. I know I do.
  • Blood on Aug. 31, 2013

    While Midnight is good, Blood is even much better. Fans will not be disappointed reading this second book. Really looking forward to read the ending, and to be honest, I have no clue how this will turn out later on. Good cover as always. The writing style is a top #1. Keep filling us with the thick plots.
  • Creatures of the Light on Sep. 26, 2015

    Magic and action! A truely wonderfully written story. Love it.
  • Sevensome Witching Moon on Sep. 26, 2015

    Sweat nibblets! Creatures fans will love this! Finally, the build up tension of this reverse harem can be quenched in this spin off! Too bad the arrow guy wasn't included, though.
  • White Bloodline (#3) (Reverse Harem) on Sep. 26, 2015

    Love this volume!
  • White Bloodline (#4) (Reverse Harem) on Sep. 26, 2015

    Wonderfully enclosed!