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I'm the founder and owner of Naughty Book Snitch. I read and review most types of romance & smut (must have sex, dirtier the better). I am a wife, mother, workaholic, romance reader, book whore, lover of the 2 finger one hand read and proud of it. You will not see any reviews for inspirational romance. I like my reads with lots of sex. So lets keep it naughty!

My favorite genres under Romance and Erotica include: Historical, contemporary, fantasy, paranormal, suspense, ménage, dark, erotica, BDSM, M/M, taboo, monsters, LGBT. Actually, Ive not met a genre I didn't like yet.

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Smashwords book reviews by Mindy Naughty Book Snitch

  • Meet The Baumgartners on July 23, 2014

    I LOVE SELENA KITT!! As far as I'm concerned she is the queen of writing erotica and can write a sex scene that will make you thrown down your book and go find your husband, partner or anything you might have handy. Her books should come with warning labels that say something like Warning! Reading Selena Kitt books may cause spontaneous masturbation and/or aggressive humping! Well about this short story... Carrie and Maureen are roommates and lovers. Maureen has a very religious boyfriend who doesn't care for Carrie much. Carrie stumbles into the mens shower room and finds Doc masturbating. HOT! HOT! HAWT!! WHEW! Well, Carrie sticks around for the show and oh boy does she get a show! Later there is an F/F scene and an M/F/F scene. HOLY MENAGE BATMAN!! YUMMM!!! Overall, I really liked it. All Selena Kitt books that I've read are always well written and this one is not exception. The characters are well developed and for a short story I thought there was depth, feeling and connection. I cant wait to read more Baumgartners!
  • Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired - Episode One: The Hotel Party on March 01, 2015

    Well... Im not even sure how to review this. Moctezuma, Jynx and Jenny. Moctezuma seems to have a magical penis that makes women brainless Moctezuma Zombies. He is sticking is dick in every vagina, mouth or asshole he comes across. Jynx is Moctezuma's match when it comes to kinky fuckery and will do anything he says to keep him all to herself. She became the accidental girlfriend when she never left his house. Jenny is the new naive cumslut that Moctezuma is currently fucking around with and she will blindly do anything he asks. Jynx goes straight Sid and Nancy on Moctezuma and stabs him when she catches him with Jenny. Then from here it's all fuckety fuck, fuck, fuck, gang bangs and facials. Jynx is psycho and I'm a little afraid of her. Don't turn your back on her because she'll cut you without flinching. So far there really is too much story except that there are two women fighting for the attention of Moctezuma's cock. So step right up and earn your redwings. We have anal, ass to mouth, gang bang, copious amounts of cum, psycho girlfriends and jealous stabbings. I have to admit it was a twisted turn on and I can't wait to move on and see what happens. This is not for everyone so please do approach with caution. Now on to the next one. See the full review of the entire season with visual aids here - http://wp.me/p4ybhe-YM
  • Mounted by a Monster: Werepuffer (Paranormal Erotica) on March 22, 2015

    I really liked it. I wish it were longer because I was left hanging a little bit. Dana and Paul are marine biologists that work for the government on some dangerous and classified experiments. Dana works in the piranha division and Paul in the puffer fish division. When Dana spots something unusual in one of the tanks, she slips and falls in with the genetically enhanced and very dangerous piranha. But wait… who is that coming to the rescue? It’s the smart and very handsome Paul, who is about to jump in and save the day. YEAH! With crisis averted and Paul’s weresecret is out, Dana and Paul get to know each other a little better. Dana is super horny and hasn’t had a lot of time to herself with all the work she’s been doing. Well, a werepuffer shifter sounds like the perfect solution to her libido problem. Well… you don’t say ;) Count me in for some of that action! Overall, Werepuffer was exactly what I wanted and what I expected. I loved it. My only complaint is that I wish it was just a tiny bit longer. If you’re thinking about buying this book, then I want you to first look at the title and then look at the cover. DUH!
  • Stranded With Daddy on July 03, 2016

    It was ok. Very short and not really clear who was doing the fucking.
  • My Gym Desires on Aug. 07, 2016

    So I hate to say this, but this set of short stories was not my favorite. I definitely prefer My College Desires. I liked the last story best. I didn’t connect with the first story and the second story would have been better if it was about Vincent. So let’s jump into what I’m talking about. The Lonely Writer I’m not a fan of this story at all. I couldn’t connect with the characters and Christina and William annoyed the hell out of me. Let me try to explain. First let me say that I did start off liking it. I thought it was cute how insecure William was and how his thoughts are probably the same as most women. Plus all that wanting coffee talk really made me want a coffee. Also, most of the sex was pretty hot but that’s about it. So Im giving this a 2.5 and rounding up to 3 because the third story was the best. Anyway... When Christina and William started interacting, that is where I couldn’t stand the back and forth between them. So, the multiple reasons why this story dry humped my last nerve. I’m done with the period talk. Even if they are only talking about a “man period”. Please just stop. It’s not sexy. You'll have to read the full review on my blog to get all the details. Out Matched This story was just odd to me. Kevin and Vincent are going to work out. Vincent is married but apparently his wife is okay with bringing another woman into the bedroom. Which I would love to read about. But no, this story is about Kevin. The guys spot a couple of women working out and comment on how old they are and their old bodies and how their kids are probably old with kids of their own. So… they guesstimate they are 45-50. WTF? Really? That is not old. And I am assuming… since this story is very confusing on who I was actually reading about, that it was both guys saying this and I’m assuming they were talking about both women. I did go back and reread and try to figure it out, but I’m still unclear. This short story has a random stranger, no protection and she doesn’t want him to pull out. Hmm... again. not my favorite story and I was confused most of the time. Assisting the Trainer So this story is my favorite out of the three. These people know each other and I’m guessing they work together as trainers at the gym. Marcus is giving Vivian a foot rub and it feels hella good. Marcus and Vivian are clearly interested in each other and Marcus puts on the suave moves. Overall, all these stories were filled with awkward moments, a lot of internal dialog which did confuse me on what was going on and unprotected one night stands with strangers. Like I said before, the first story I couldn’t connect with, the second story was just odd to me and the third story was my favorite. I may be experiencing an off day or something so maybe that’s why I couldn’t connect with this one. But I would recommend trying this author out and this series. The writing is good and the ideas are great. So I’m giving this three stars because of the last story and the sex was crazy hot. full review here wp.me/p4ybhe-1M0
  • My College Desires on Aug. 07, 2016

    Damn! This is pretty hot. After Lab Jaslyn and Omar are friends and Omar is clearly in the “friend zone”. When a little harmless play fighting turns into an opportunity for Omar to make his first move… things heat up very quickly. Omar is still fighting the does she, will she… let me dance. But the hormones finally take over the brain and some decisions are being made. Some of them not so smart, but its still hot. A Man’s Darkest Secret Serena has sneaked a peek at Darren’s computer and he is uncertain if she saw the porn that was on it. So, he needs to do a little recon and find out what she knows.Serena is already in a bad mood and really just wants to go home. She has a little/big issue that she needs to take care of immediately. And I completely understand where she is coming from (code for period talk). Well, in walks Darren… and it’s hard to be mad at him. Especially when he says all the right things. He offers to take Serena home and knows exactly why she’s rushing. Of course Darren doesn’t want to reveal that he really enjoys it when a woman is on her period for fear that Serena will think he’s weird. Overall, I really enjoyed it. Both stories was crazy sexy hot. For me, there was a little too much internal dialog. I totally get it though. These are college kids and still uncertain and self-conscious about a lot of things. In the second story with Darren and Serena, they referred to their penis and vagina as he and she, him and her, that got a little annoying. And finally, I was a little turned off by the “strawberry cream” coating at the end. Just my preference. But I still really enjoyed reading this and I can’t wait to read more from this author. Full review here wp.me/p4ybhe-1LQ