Name: Jason Michael Usher. Known as Jason.
Born in Edmonton. Enfield. North London.
DOB: October 1st 1969AD.
Hair Colour: Black. Eyes: Brown.
Starsign: Libra.
Height: 5FT,6.
Build: Tall Slim.

Education Level: GCSE A's to C's Grades.
History. Maths. English. Science. Chemistry.
Specialist Subjects: CGI Computer Drawing.
Writing Novels. Graphic Design.

Now the Author of Salem.
Watch out for SALEM. She is due to be very big
in the EBook and Paperback world.
Salem is the next Doctor Who/James Bond.
But she is the next generation of Dr.Who.
A sort of extended version of Dr.Who so to speak.
The Doctor (TimeLord)exists in the same universe
as Donna Salem. Both of them have teamed up over
the years. Salem knows all of the Doctor's 11
regenerations. But Apart from writing Salem.
I also just occasionally write about other things.
Guardian Angel is another character of mine.
I do plan to write a very big novel of 300 pages
Ebook/Paperback Release: TBA/2013
Another planned EBook/Paperback:
Guardian Angel: WhiteLight. TBA: 2014.
But in the meantime I am very busy writing Salem.
I have already written most of the Season One of
Salem. Only 10 episodes. There will be 30 Episodes
of Salem in Season One. Then followed by Salem
Special Episodes just to fill in the gaps.
But Salem Season2 and every other season thereafter will only feature only 13 Episodes.
My own wish/Ambition:
To be the first best selling cyberspace author
and to play the role of the 12th Regeneration of Doctor Who. I have a great sense of Humour.
And I do love writing books. Happy reading.

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