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Lexi Savage
Latest book: Danielle- The Complete Trilogy. Published December 22, 2018.
Latest book: Bimbo Drink. Published June 15, 2018.
Sheela B
Latest book: The Hobbler 6: Belmont Park!. Published January 9, 2019.
Mindy Powers
Latest book: Hypno-Heroines Pack #1. Published January 22, 2018.
Salome Nox
Latest book: Breed Me Cherry. Published October 9, 2018.
Joryan J. Strebas
Latest book: Bosom Destiny: Chp. 6: Nemesis. Published March 12, 2019.
Nikita Storm
Latest book: Dominated By Her Scent. Published July 17, 2018.
Bessie Hucow
Latest book: CEO Hucow 3 Fit to be Tied. Published September 10, 2018.
Betsi Ality
Latest book: Dirty Dog Fuck : Mutts Breed Sluts 5. Published March 11, 2019.
Baby Angie
Latest book: So Tight, So Wet!. Published November 18, 2017.
Kaye Bee
Latest book: Sexting Mom. Published June 30, 2017.
Surely Wilder
Latest book: I Would Have Never. Published December 29, 2017.
Latest book: Wet 'n Wild. Published December 5, 2016. (5.00 from 1 review)
Kim Clove
Latest book: Daddy's Filthy Forced Sex Bundle 2 Pack. Published December 24, 2018.
Emma Valentine
Latest book: Sex Kitten. Published July 6, 2017.
Alex Vander
Latest book: Taken by the Hellhound. Published January 2, 2019.
Jade Summers
Latest book: Milked in Public. Published March 20, 2019.
Lolly Stroker
Latest book: I Did The Doggie In The Window. Published June 28, 2018.
XXX Beast
Latest book: Bestiality Sex - 8-Pack Vol 1. Published July 4, 2017.
Sandy Roughtounge
Latest book: My Shaggy Dog Impregnated Me. Published August 3, 2017. (1.00 from 1 review)
Lexi Lust
Latest book: The Horny Teddy Bear. Published October 4, 2017.
C A Castel
Latest book: The Inquisitor's Apprentice. Published May 1, 2016.
Jazzy Paws
Latest book: Fucked Hard By My Dog!. Published April 9, 2018.
Latest book: Jillian from Work: Crimson Reborn II. Published February 11, 2019.
Violet Kirkwood
Latest book: Orientation: Hucow College I. Published August 10, 2017.
Aurora Moonshine
Latest book: Milked Books 1-4. Published April 15, 2017.
Irma Marazza
Latest book: Milfania. Published October 2, 2017. (5.00 from 1 review)
Oliver Klozoff
Latest book: Awakenings, Part Two: The Temptation of Saeko. Published December 29, 2018.
Gregory D. Angeles
Latest book: My New Steel Angel. Published January 14, 2017.
Laura Lovecraft
Latest book: Hey Dad, Watch This. Published December 23, 2018.
Will Buster
Latest book: Cheerleaders Free. Published February 15, 2019.
Baron LeSade
Latest book: A Quick Ten Bucks. Published April 19, 2016.
Style Wallace
Latest book: Making an American Harem-Episode #12: Recruiting Tactics. Published July 25, 2016. (5.00 from 1 review)
Gracie Dixon
Latest book: Making a Sissy Part 1: The Bet. Published March 12, 2017.
Anna Mann
Latest book: Insult Me!. Published March 18, 2019.
Jez Bestiality
Latest book: Birthing My German Shepherd's Puppies. Published March 15, 2019.
Taylor Thrall
Latest book: The Marriage Modification. Published August 31, 2013.
The Persuader
Latest book: Julia gets Plumbed. Published June 23, 2013. (4.00 from 2 reviews)
Sophie Sin
Latest book: An Orgy With Hunks: Maria's Workplace Affair. Published March 15, 2019.
Will B. Gunn
Latest book: Seven Virgins. Published December 2, 2016.
Maldomi Femsub
Latest book: Kinky Mistletoe. Published June 18, 2015.
Latest book: A Man with Principals (Book one). Published May 8, 2018.
Mandy Holly
Latest book: My Mistress's Husband. Published August 8, 2018.
Gregor Daniels
Latest book: Farm Land Part 2. Published July 6, 2018.
Dave Wells
Latest book: Sub At The Orgy. Published March 24, 2013. (4.00 from 2 reviews)
Vincent Geyta
Latest book: The Miracle Milk. Published January 22, 2016.
Honey Swell
Latest book: All I Want. Published July 15, 2015.
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