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  • Dream Gates - A Manual for Lucid Dreaming on April 12, 2014

    There are many books about lucid dreaming today and I read a lot of them. This book is precise, very informative, detailed about "how to" and very "light in words", instructions and examples! It's easy to understand and to follow. When I read about subjects like LD's or OOBE's, I like when author is direct, no extra words and is concrete about it. This book is like that and one of the best lucid dreaming "manual" I've read! It is written by the practitioner and the intent of it is installed in the book, one can feel it very much! The book is for everybody, for beginners, more experienced dreamers and even experts, too. It contains ideas from various sources and tends to find their shared meaning in exploring the world of lucid dreaming, all in order to make you interested, enthusiastic and warmed up to explore it for yourself. Because, in LD practices endurance is the main ingredient, you need to find it from from the sources you are learning from! This book will give keep you interested and encourage you to practice lucid dreaming. If you are interested in exploring the world of lucid dreaming - this book would be good choice!