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  • Chasing Sorcery on March 12, 2013

    I've read the conspiracy stories, the swords and sandals, the myth and magic, and the unbeatable foe plots, but this beats the lot. Never have I been so convinced that an alternative world actually existed, peopled as it is by the kind of characters you could meet every day as well as by the most heroic and the most fantastical. They are presented in such a way as to possess not only believable personalities and concerns, but also their own individual histories and connections. It is very easy to become involved to the point of being fearful of some of them whilst becoming attached to others so that you really do care what happens to them, and want to know what happens next. The descriptions of the lands through which the action takes place are so varied and convincing that you feel you have taken on a real physical journey alongside the various characters. I actually got a few late nights with this book because there were points where I really couldn't put it down. There are plots and sub plots, twists and turns, heroism, romance, violence, and shocks enough to please the most discerning reader. Give yourself a real treat and read this book. It's an escape into what fantasy should really be about.