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  • Dirty Little Angels on March 27, 2011

    As the other reviews suggest, this is not a book for the "light reader". As told from the perspective of a troubled female teen, Dirty Little Angels is one of the most well written and disturbing novels I have read in a very long time. My favorite and least favorite conclusion from this book was that it likely models some girl living in the United States right now. It is difficult to keep your distance from the characters in this novel. While I didn't want to, I consistently felt sorry for Hailey, her family, and every person she came in contact with. Besides her brother, there didn't seem to be one genuine person in the story. And that is not to say that Hailey was any kind of saint. She, like those around her, fell victim to the universally accepted, nonconstructive activities of her neighborhood. An interesting, gritty, disturbing "coming of age" take, not at ALL made for Disney.