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I live in a small town in East Tennessee with my boyfriend of eight years, our three dogs, and a horse. I love writing, and I mainly write in the horror and supernatural genres, but I also love to write the occasional comedy. This is the first book that I've published, and I hope it's the first of many.

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Coming Home
Price: $1.99 USD. Words: 2,030. Language: American English. Published: September 22, 2012. Categories: Fiction » Horror » Ghost
(4.25 from 4 reviews)
A gripping tale told by Robert Newman who is plagued by nightmares of his childhood and believes that he must return to his old home to face the demons that haunt him. The house is now empty and in disrepair, but the memories are as fresh as they'd ever been. He journeys into the unknown to find that he can't outrun his past, and some things come back to haunt you.

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A.J. Lyle
Latest book: His Past.
Published September 29, 2012. (4.80 from 5 reviews)

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  • A Chance Encounter on Sep. 08, 2012

    Steamy and hot! The characters really come to life, and the heat between them sizzles. They seem to compliment each other very nicely in and out of the shower, and that made this a truly wonderful read.
  • The Seven Caves and other Spine-tingling Short Stories on Sep. 23, 2012

    These are some very imaginative stories, but not quite as gripping and suspenseful as they should be for horror. I wasn't pulled along any of the stories because the author seems to tell the stories instead of letting the stories tell themselves. There's a lot of repetition, and the author made me feel like they didn't trust me to understand what was going on inside the stories without them telling me several times and providing needless explanations.
  • His Past on Oct. 06, 2012

    A. J. Lyle brings out more steam and heat in this erotic tale. A wonderfully gifted erotic writer. Can't wait to read the next tale.
  • A New Kind of High on Oct. 10, 2012

    I liked the unique idea of this story, but I found it hard to get through. It's told from the teenaged character's point of view, but it's very inconsistent and full of thoughts that interfere with the story. As an example, the character hints that they have broken a mirror before the reader has any idea that one even exists in what we are first led to believe is an empty hallway. It really helps the reader if internal thoughts are put in italics because it makes it easier to distinguish it from the story. I feel like this story could use quite a bit of editing to bring out the sense of horror and fear that the author intends with more focus on showing rather than telling.
  • Inbox Zero on Oct. 11, 2012

    A well told story that proves that you can find anything online. I was surprised that such a site actually exists. Mr. O'Duffy has done his homework and built a believable story around the information. Despite a few technical errors and some parts seeming to be a little forced, I feel it is still worth a read because of the subject matter.
  • Witch's Bell Book One on Oct. 19, 2012

    This has a good storyline and great characters, and the author spins a nice tale. The only downfall would have to be that it is in desperate need of editing. It's a bit slow in places because it seems that the author tries to over explain details that I didn't think were really useful, or things that were drawn out until I forgot what the subject was. If nothing else, it should be gone through to correct the punctuation, especially when dealing with commas, quotation marks and apostrophes. There are also some spelling mistakes and missing words that should be corrected. One other suggestion that I would like to make is to use bookmarks for each chapter. I couldn't read this all at one time, so I was forced to search for where I left off each time I went back to read more of it.