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  • A Story About You on Sep. 13, 2012

    It's odd that you find a story that has affected your life decisions before you were introduced to it... I read this months ago, but revisited it and am stirred to comment due to the review left by Elfwreck. I disagree with his assessment of the stories pertinence and target audience. Nor do I think it denies the existence of external forces on ones life. Rather, it highlights the importance of EVERY life decision. The story is beneficial for everyone who is still breathing. It's never too late to change the course of your life and the legacy you leave behind. For example, lets examine the use to say...someone in prison. No they cannot go back and undo egregious actions that removed them for society, yet they can modify their behavior to become productive individuals. Perhaps they reach out and simply offer a heartfelt apology to those they wronged. Maybe they create the next beautiful work of art; a children's book that gets published and positively molds the lives of youths around the globe. How often do we go through daily activities as if they were mundane and unimportant only to look back years later and see those very actions shaped who we have become? Or simply realize how precious life is, and how very short our time is on the Earth? If we had the foresight to remind ourselves these things (without having to lose a loved one, death tends to put things into perspective - even if only temporarily) we would all be better off.