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Montmorency Fish - Mofi - to his friends has not been an author long, having been a guinea pig up until 3 years ago and it's hard writing with tiny paws. The species re-assignment to (almost) human has at times been tough, but it's important to dream big, especially if you are a guinea pig.
If you meet Mofi now you will doubtless recognise him from his profile picture, with the light in his eyes and tendency to freeze at any sign of danger (not so useful when crossing the road).
Mofi draws his inspiration from many sources - carefully observing the rich variety of humanity; chocolate; the works of Shakespeare (clearly); cheese (any sort except blue as this smells and tastes like guinea pig poop); snug-fitting underwear and prog rock.
He counts among his friends many famous and important people * and is often seen at swanky events **.
* none of whom you have ever heard of
** although generally not for long, if security are doing their job properly
Mofi's muse is his pet sock ('Socky'). Socky takes an active part in Mofi's book signing tours, is great to bounce ideas off and gives invaluable advice on humour, life and love. Socky (a.k.a. "the sock formerly known as 'right Socky' ") does not often speak of it but he lost his twin ('left Socky') in a tragic tumble-drier accident, since which he now just prefers the epithet 'Socky'. Great art of course is often borne out of tragedy, which is perhaps why Socky is able to help Mofi imbue so much pathos and emotion in his work.

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The Joy of Snot
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 7,380. Language: British English. Published: November 8, 2014. Categories: Fiction » Humor & comedy » General
You are warmly invited to poke a finger into the magnificent world of snot, with all its pleasures. Learn all about how to begin, solo snotting, sharing with partners (always guaranteed to get quite a reaction), plus racy topics like ‘the group scene’. And learn about the many uses of snot such as hair gel, temporary earrings, nose-rings (obviously)..

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