Mohannad Halaby


Mohannad Halaby (M.H.) believes that the inner struggles of a person are the secrets that shape an individual's character. He believes in the love of God being beneficial to the human self: "What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their Soul" (Matthew 16: 26)
M. H. was afraid of those words. His confusion wasn't of losing himself, but from the fear of not abiding by the Lord's words at times. M.H. was honest with his needs.
He achieved an incredible accomplishment of writing his first book within only twenty one days. After that M.H. stated,
"Man can achieve phenomenal and unique feats if he or she intended to be truthful with himself or herself. However, if they verily counted on God, they will indeed perform unbelievable miracles."


This member has not published any books.