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We hear over and over that jobs are far and few between for those who have not earned a college diploma; so despite the expense, young people continue to pursue higher education in hopes that it will put them on the path to success.

College Dropout, the new novella crafted by writer and performing artist Moky Huynh, explores the possibility of another way. In the book, a young, gifted artist named Tristan decides to drop out of a private university after just two years of schooling. Feeling wary and unfulfilled, Tristan veers off of the traditional path in pursuit of his passion: live performance. However, he begins to question his decision as he meets waves of backlash.

Was he arrogant to believe that he could succeed without completing his college education? Was he throwing away what many had worked so hard to attain? Though dropping out seemed to be the right thing to do at the time, Tristan begins to question his own inherent values and decision-making.

Yet, as he works at a mundane job to pay his bills while pursuing his true love of performing, he realizes that it is not the tasks of the job that teach him, but the people who work alongside him. They are the ones who open his eyes and expand his world with their stories, experiences, and views. Tristan learns that there are many things that can be taught outside the walls of a classroom. Obtaining a college degree is the right path for some, but not for all, and with the unwavering support of his family, young Tristan embarks on an on-going journey of learning.

Thought provoking and artfully written, Huynh weaves a story of exploration, self-discovery, courage, and ultimately, sacrifice. Seeking to draw attention to the bigger picture, he points out that attending college is only one component of receiving an education; to be truly educated, we must expose ourselves to different cultures and be inspired to contribute to positive social change.

Jennifer Tucker - Smith Publicity, Inc. (2012 press release)

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