Monica Williams


With extensive professional experience in the natural therapies field across the past two decades, Monica has tremendous compassion and understanding of the human condition. Knowing that sustainable health is about so much more than just palliating surface symptomology, Monica realises that the body is a barometer in a person's life. It is not until we identify the root cause of health issues, that disharmony expressing through the physical body can be resolved.

Monica noticed that the most profound outcomes came when helping clients identify their own physical, emotional, and mind-based drivers, deeply rooted in fear, ego, unhelpful habits and outdated beliefs systems. When they could embrace self love and live authentically as the foundation for all actions, sustainable health gains were possible, along with the added bonus of living a life of happiness, clarity unconditional Love.

Working with thousands of clients, Monica has attracted clients who are ready for a shift away from their old way of living into something happier and more fulfilling, but didn't know how. Now teaming up with Carl Attard to bring the profound messages gifted by Maya, Monica brings her own unique personal and professional insights to Love is the Way which aims to provide anyone ready to move forward into their grandest life adventure, with their most powerful loving self by their sides.

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