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  • Deadlands on Dec. 31, 2018

    I am so glad I picked this book up during the sale. Once I started reading, I could not stop. I never thought death could sound so sexy, but somehow she pulled it off. There's great adventure, and an amazing world, and a tight little love story. Fighting and heated almost-sex and a redemption arc. Very fast read, very enjoyable, and Yllektra is right: this needs a sequel.
  • Dust to Dust: Fangs For Your Memories on Dec. 31, 2018

    Fun read, with a nice sexy interlude. Tamsin and Drake certainly seem made for each other, and I love that there's so very little of the romance trope of them resisting their love for the other. No dumb conflict driving them apart for no reason. Theo is a great secondary character, and I really hope he's in the second one. I'm rooting for Tamsin to get her soul back. And just to read more of this rich world the author has created. So dynamic and way more interesting than standard paranormal settings.
  • Stories With Bite O,.,O on Jan. 01, 2019

    The author says in her note that these stories have their own genre, and I have to agree. Wowee! The monsters are monsterous, the vampires are smoking hot, and there are so many little twists and turns and surprise endings. Don't know if I can pick a favrite story, but Greener Grass is pretty good. It's just such a wide set of stories, across a bunch of genres, so it's more like which one of which type do I like. Because Our Date is pretty damn erotic (and now I'm going to have to get the books those characters are from) but Mortalsitting might be my fave of the vampire pieces because it's so well done from the vampire's point of view. Instead of picking just one, I'm going to say I liked them all.
  • Dust To Dust 2: Witch You Were Here on Jan. 06, 2019

    Intriguing. Interesting. Goes a lot more in depth in the world she's created, and branches out with some other mythologies. Theo is back, and his Kitty, though he was goofier than in Book 1. Still entertaining to have. I love the concept of the Game the Fae play. Doesn't sound at all like the kinds of things going on in the real world...oh, wait, it does. :)
  • Handmaid on Jan. 06, 2019

    In one of her tweets, the author called this a tawdry tale.I wasn't sure what she meant until I actually read it, and now I understand. Tawdry is definitely the right word. The writing is a little heavy at times, just too many words, but that somehow makes it all the more foreign and weird as this young woman is kidnapped and slowly falls for her captor. I loved the end reveal. What a twist! Hot and steamy, with just the right amount of build up to a final climax.
  • Nomycha on Jan. 15, 2019

    I'm not sure if I can acurately tell you how much I enjoyed this book. The main character's struggle to fit in, to find her place in the world, and to let herself love the man from the enemy's handled so nicely. I shared her struggle, as if it were my own. Sensual, not explicit, but so very steamy. I kept longing for them to consumate, for the sly touches and flirting to finally come to fruition, and then I couldn't get enough. The ending surprised me, because it was not like so many fantasy novels. There's quite a bit about balancing the forces of good and evil, and staying true to your inner self, so this is more than just another romance. I beg the author to write a sequel. She set it up for one, even though this tale is complete.
  • All Hallows Blood on March 06, 2019

    Hot, hot, hot. Full of adventure, sex, vampirism...all the things that make you just kinda squirm and blush while reading it. Yeah, it has all the standard paranormal romance beats, but that just makes it familiar and comforting. Keila is a strong girl that doesn't need to define herself by sex with everyone she sees, but that somehow makes her lust for Varick that much better.