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Moses Kibe Kihiko has rich and practical Curriculum Vitae that include a broken heart, several certificates in counseling, several courses in marriage and family, and several years of experience counseling both pre -marital and marital issues. He holds two counseling certificates and another on HIV/AIDS Training Seminar. In both his undergraduate and postgraduate studies, Moses has taken several counseling related courses including Marriage & Family as well as Youth counseling Course. And, Moses has trained many groups of couples on conflict and communication in marriage as well as held many courtship seminars across the country. Together with his wife, the couple has been best couple of at least eight youths who they guided in pre-marital and later counseling.
Concerning counseling on brokenness, Moses has been involved in broken hearts counseling both in marriage and courtship as well as in other areas where broken hearts can be found. Not only has he counseled many couples on the verge of separation or divorce, he has also extensively written about brokenness. His previous landmark book entitled, “Resolving Church Splits: Guiding Leaders and Congregations Navigate Within and Beyond Church Splits,” is yet another book portraying broken hearts from the leadership and congregations in the church. Moses recently wrote his monumental book on leadership entitled, “ Public Leadership: The Ten Defining Moments How Leaders Acquire & Handle Fame, Power & Glory” by Miraclaire Publishing (, can also be found at Amazon, Createspace, Google Search and Lulu Markets).
Moses is married to a woman who accepted him after breaking his heart elsewhere-Veronicah and a father of two daughters, Cynthia and Sally. He now runs a training and consultancy firm entitled, Practicum leadership involved in training all aspects of counseling, mentorship and leadership issues. For courtship, marriage, and family seminars and workshops as well as leadership training, you can contact the author through:

Box 458-00511, Ongata Rongai
Email address:

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