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  • Rummages Across the Dead Land—Book IV on Jan. 13, 2019

    Rummages Book IV is an eloquent and powerful work. The connection and meaning threaded through the individual poems carries a depth revealing both the suffering and some of the joys of the author's life seen through the prism of his relationship with his father. The author does not pull any punches in his descriptions of the darkness, but at the same time the work is very far from monochrome: it delivers a breadth of experience, coupled with meditation and reflection, and knowledge of himself (and his father) which give it, I think, a broad appeal for those of us interested in understanding what it means to be human. It is well worth reading and I recommend it. I am aware that reviews are often written by friends of the authors and I want to make it clear that, although I enjoy his writing, I don't know A Bandopadhyay.