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  • A Story About You on April 29, 2012

    When I first heard this story I thought I was unaffected. I'd 'heard it all before' and it was something I had' already considered'. But then I started changing. Sentences from the story (said in a funny accent) would pop into my head as I tried to talk myself out of asking someone on a date. I kept asking myself 'Why not?' (And I got that impossible date, btw.) This story helped me realize that life *matters*. That my life matters; what I do with my time is precious. I can't just sit back and think how great it would be to do what I really want. Suddenly the ache I felt knowing that there were other things I wanted to do turned into outright torture. And I stopped. I stopped living some else's life. I changed the definition of what I should be doing with myself into what I want and what I think matters. This story allowed me to change the medium in which I live. The barrier I kept between myself and the rest of the world for whatever strange reasons I had suddenly made no sense and I was free. I fear what would have become of me had I not heard this story, if I couldn't read it again. I am truly afraid of the life that I would have lived, in a glass coffin, alive and watching everything happen around me. And so I recommend this story to everyone. To the people I love, to the people who matter, to people I don't even know, to people who don't exist yet. It's not just my story, it's *yours* too.