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Moulin Publications provides a specialist eBook publishing service to all authors struggling to deal with the file formatting requirements asked of them to get their books published on Smashwords and other popular eBook distribution sites.

Additional support is available for publishing websites, selecting search terms and general promotion of eBooks.

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Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I grew up in the Royal Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire, England. It is a place of outstanding natural beauty and where I lived was definitely considered to be rural. I came to appreciate the countryside and nature and would find it hard to live in a city. I did enter a technical world when I started work and I enjoy technical challenges, but they can come in different forms. Learning how to look after a garden, for example, can be every bit as challenging as getting to grips with a software program. Sometimes even more so. I suppose writing books has allowed me to communicate and hopefully help people understand problems and how to solve them. I just like sharing what I have learned in a way that is easy to grasp, just like the way people did that for me.
What annoys you most about technical writing?
I have always striven to write in a way that is clear, concise and communicates sufficient information at a level people can understand. I really don't like overuse of jargon, convoluted phrases or the use of words that hardly anyone understands (without referring to a dictionary). With a little care and thought it is possible to communicate at a level that almost everyone can understand. Why would anyone chose not to do that?
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Jersey's Secret Assassin
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 55,750. Language: English. Published: May 28, 2013 by Moulin Publications. Category: Fiction » Thriller & suspense » Action & suspense
World War 3 Looms As A Sniper Stalks Political Leaders In the seemingly tranquil setting of Jersey, Frank Armstrong finds out how his brother Richard was supposed to have died. But he knows something is seriously amiss. He suspects police corruption and malicious activities. As far as he is concerned, the island is hiding a very dark secret and he intends to find out exactly what that secret is?
Web Marketing & SEO - Google DOs & Google DON’Ts
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 16,590. Language: British English. Published: April 23, 2013 by Moulin Publications. Category: Nonfiction » Reference » Personal & Practical Guides
SEO for Content Writers Content writers are anyone that produce copy for publication on the Internet. Perhaps this will be as static websites, blogs or articles. On page and off page optimization are techniques all content writers should be practicing, they are critical to ensure publications are found, indexed and returned in search results. This book is for them, now updated for 2014 & beyond.
Cages of Smoke
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 105,150. Language: English (New Zealand dialect). Published: September 2, 2012 by Moulin Publications. Category: Fiction » Adventure » War & military
A Soldier’s Story of Expat Living Harry Weston thinks he has finished his military career and is set to settle down in New Zealand. His girlfriend is killed in a car crash and his world changes. Back in the military he is sent on a mission to Hong Kong to try and prevent Kiwi forces going to Vietnam. The mission fails, as does his first attempt at love after the earlier tragedy.
The Mobius Twist - Alien Abduction
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 76,470. Language: English (New Zealand dialect). Published: August 22, 2012 by Moulin Publications. Category: Fiction » Science fiction » High tech
Young people caught up in a tsunami off New Zealand are forced deep into tunnels they find located at the bottom of a cliff. Trapped inside the tunnels and not realising that the tunnels are controlled by a higher form of alien intelligence, they try to find a way out. But that is not what the aliens have planned, they are now part of an experiment that will decide the fate of the human race.
The Voice of the Tiger
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 102,840. Language: English (New Zealand dialect). Published: August 10, 2012 by Moulin Publications. Category: Fiction » Romance » Suspense
This is a story that takes you on a journey into the rain forests of Malaya at the end of the Malayan Emergency, a conflict that took place over a twelve year period just after the end of the Second World War. It started in 1948 and ended in 1960. Vince Tanner is the main character, a soldier in the New Zealand army who was seconded to Malaya for the emergency after he enlisted with the Kiwi Army.
Lonely Mirrors, A Tragic Wartime Romance
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 101,230. Language: English. Published: June 18, 2012 by Moulin Publications. Category: Fiction » Romance » Adult
Lonely Mirrors tells the story of Jennifer Elmwood, a woman who’s personal and professional life is falling apart. Unexpectedly, she receives a letter from Margaret Evans, a woman claiming to have known Jennifer’s father during the Second World War. The two women meet in Margaret’s house in Cairo and Margaret reveals a secret that dates back to the second world war.
Jewels of French History Books, The Lauragais Story
Price: $9.50 USD. Words: 101,420. Language: English. Published: June 4, 2012 by Moulin Publications. Category: Nonfiction » History » European
A new history book for France that examines the commercially and strategically important region of the Lauragais, sometimes known as the 'Land of Cockaigne' in reference to a time of Pastel and the flourishing cotton industry that once existed there.
The Zanzibar Affair - An enduring, high society love affair across decades and three continents.
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 104,560. Language: English. Published: April 27, 2012 by Moulin Publications. Category: Fiction » Romance » Contemporary
High society love stories set against a spectacular backdrop of Safari Africa. A contemporary romance for the contemporary reader.
Website Design Guide for Private and Business Users - Concepts and Techniques Demystified For Beginners
Price: $4.99 USD. Words: 24,330. Language: English. Published: April 2, 2012 by Moulin Publications. Category: Nonfiction » Computers and Internet » Web / site design
Ever wondered how websites are put together? Or whether your present website is working as well for you as it should? In this ebook reference gem, Brian Stephens, a website designer and ebook publisher, lifts the lid on the concepts and techniques that can make all the difference to a website's success.
Growing and Caring for Tomatoes, An Essential Tomato Growing Book
Price: $3.29 USD. Words: 10,380. Language: English. Published: April 1, 2012 by Moulin Publications. Category: Nonfiction » Home and Garden » Gardening
The tomato is a wonderfully versatile plant that repays any care and attention it is given. Following the simple guidelines in this book and adopting the tips and tricks described should ensure you can grow and enjoy a splendid crop of tomatoes, even as an absolute beginner.

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