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Smashwords book reviews by Alan Face

  • The Guild of the Cowry Catchers, Book 2: Flames on July 19, 2011

    I've been sucking up vast quantities of the free short stories available from Smashwords. Most are at least OK, if not exactly worth paying for. However, I enjoyed the free first book in this series enough to buy the second one. It didn't disappoint. The price is a little steep, but I have to admit that I'm probably hooked enough to buy the 4th installment when it comes out.
  • The Guild of the Cowry Catchers, Book 3: Ashes on July 19, 2011

    I tore through the first two books in this series and eagerly downloaded the third. It's as well written as the others in terms of readability, and contains a particularly interesting twist involving a new character, Dakar. I don't think I like the direction that things have taken with respect to Silveo and even less so for his relationship with Gerard. Still, the end left me hanging enough, and wanting more enough, to await with impatience the next installment, due this fall.
  • Ghostslinger on July 24, 2011
    (no rating)
    Two thumbs up. A nice short story, fairly well written. It might have been nice to know how it all ended up, but that probably would have taken much, much longer in the telling. As it is, it's a ngood diversion for five minutes.
  • Elina on July 24, 2011

    A quick read, flows smoothly, but I don't see the point of it.
  • For Ramon on July 25, 2011

    Good story to fill a couple of minutes with.
  • The Waiter on July 25, 2011

    What a sweet story! Truly a joy to read.
  • Far From Over on Aug. 02, 2011

    A chuckler, in spite of the ending (you'll see what I mean.) A quick, entertaining read.
  • Sam's Dream on Aug. 12, 2011

    A quick and pleasant read. I give it one thumb up.
  • The Timing of Love on Aug. 12, 2011

    Ha, ha , ha! Good one.
  • The Punishment of Phoebus Apollo on Aug. 12, 2011

  • Hole on Aug. 12, 2011

    I like. :-)
  • Masters of the Trading Game on Aug. 13, 2011

    In general, a good read, but I was disappointed by the ending, which I don't get.
  • Sasha on Aug. 16, 2011

    Excellent! The story moves quickly, not getting bogged down in useless rhetoric that would serve only to allow an author to impress himself with how verbose he could be. At the same time, he gives enough info to flesh out his character nicely. An interesting theme, well imagined and written. Looks like this is one in a series. I'll definitely be looking for more.
  • Bayett on Aug. 16, 2011

    Another excellent short story from Mr. Young. As another critic of another of Young's books said, I want more. I would like to further development of the characters he' s inventing.
  • Edwin on Aug. 16, 2011

    Yet another fine yarn spun by Richard Young - and yet another character crying to be given further adventures.
  • The Prophet of Panamindorah, Complete Trilogy on Aug. 17, 2011

    I found this book confusing, with too many different types of characters being brought into play. I was disappointed that the few references made to Earth were not followed up on. What's the connection between Earth and Panamindorah? Also, what, exactly, are these wizards? Where did they come from, what are doing on this planet, what sorts of magic or whatnot can they do? etc. etc. What is the time frame with respect to the Cowry Catchers? It seems to be hundreds of years later, but it's hard to tell for sure. Maybe we'll get some answers in the next Cowry book.
  • Eaglethorpe Buxton and the Elven Princess on Aug. 20, 2011

    What a delightful tale! Wesley Allison, author of "His Robot Girlfriend" and the sequel, "His Robot Wife," has done it again. His characters and style of writing about them in this story reminds me a bit of Mark Twain. He caught and kept my attention from beginning to end and had me chuckling constantly. Two thumbs up for this one!
  • Eaglethorpe Buxton and the Sorceress on Aug. 23, 2011

    More adventures of our friend, Eaglehead Buckthorn, which is to say, our hero. :-) Almost as good as the first one, but not as well edited. Will there be any more in this series? One can hope. One and a half thumbs up. Allison's writing in the books is good enough to justify sampling his vended wares, and I am doing so.
  • Medical Sci-Fi Short Stories on Aug. 26, 2011

    Not a bad premise but waayy too much medical jargon. This renders much of it uninteligible and sorely taxes the desire to finish reading. I will check out the author's "Sacred Water" but if it doesn't gain my interest quickly it is likely that I'll dump it and move on.
  • Smite Me, Oh Dark One on Aug. 30, 2011

    I can only agree with Steve Challis's review - this is a very tasty morsel, indeed!
  • Dead Men Don't Cry: A Short Story on Sep. 07, 2011

    A good story, it's worth the trouble to read.
  • Afterbirth on Sep. 10, 2011

    This is a short story that could have been good. Unfortunately, the ending was not satisfying. It is otherwise written and edited well.
  • Whichever Way The Wind Blows on Sep. 10, 2011

    A good start for a longer piece.
  • Memoirs of an Agility Dog #1 on Sep. 11, 2011

    Good story, tight, fast movng, good ending.
  • Aladdin's Dare on Sep. 14, 2011

    Jeeze Louise! This story takes what could have been a good idea and proceeds to make it anything but. The complete lack of editing, alone, is enough to ruin it. Perhaps the author could rework it into something worthwhile.
  • The Coin Collector on Oct. 01, 2013
    (no rating)
    Cute! a very cute sory, indeed.
  • The Lady in White Book 1 on Oct. 07, 2013

    If the author is 12 years old, then I might be willing to say, "Has potential. Should get spellcheck, study English and keep trying." Otherwise, my advice is to stop now, before it gets worse.