Bernabe Cruz


Bernabe Cruz grew up in the Lower East Side Manhattan during the Heroine epidemic of the 1970's. He survived the violence of gangs and drugs, miraculously escaped the grips of death, and even worse, the self-destructive mourning of his father which plunge him into the abyss of alcoholism, drug-dealing and imprisonment. Despite it the odds against him, the woman he loved and a faith in Jesus Christ saved him. He has found freedom from what may hurt us the deepest, guilt, and is now an international evangelist sharing the good news with the rest of us. God Kept Me is a biography of Mr. Cruz's life and shares insights of counseling and hopefully, to encourage a healing process. Thank you for your support and may God bless you kindly.

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God Kept Me: The Testimony of Bernabe Cruz
In this fast-paced world, the most common trend has become to look away from the painful gravity of mourning that people suffer, longing for freedom and happiness at the expense of leaving our shadows behind. But these shadows of ourselves has much to teach us about our purpose in life. I invite you into the story of my life and know the things I survived, by grace, before I could find a true and long lasting freedom and happiness that we all long for.


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