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Smashwords book reviews by Griffin Hulme

  • Dragon on April 20, 2015

    Dragon presents an interesting and memorable world: a pair of cultures feuding over a decaying landscape, each separately fuelled by technology and magic, and each unified only in hate. In creating each half of his world, the author has infused his realm with unique intricacies and an intriguing overall character, All of which is overlaid by a drama and action rich plot of love, loss, war and the near futile fight for reconciliation. the beginnings of a sci-fi/fantasy trilogy; unique in its makeup and a story that clears the usual pitfalls of mediocracy that beset the genre. well worth the read.
  • Roc on April 20, 2015

    A continuation of the Purga series: following the climax of Dragon, Roc describes the gradual fall of the world's two apex cultures through the series's pre-established pacing and characters. As the drama increases the underlying secrets of the world are gradually uncovered, revealing compelling truths that were apparently present from the start expanding upon the stories and themes established within the first novel, Roc tells a deeper story that explores the roots of the world and those that fight over it, crafting a new and original take upon the world depicted in the first novel. Both Dragon and Roc provide an interesting world seen from two different perspectives. taken together they describe an overarching and highly interesting plot that surpasses that of most sci-fi/fantasy authors; they depict a story of war and love, and a world of technology and magic, as well as the forces behind them. just like the first one, this is a worthwhile read, one that will leave you waiting for the follow up.