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I was born and mostly raised in Central Massachusetts after my Grand parents and Parents immigrated to America. I'm a natural mix of several nationalities like most people but typically appear as your average white blonde Irishman. I loved making friends in pre-school and grammar school. When I was very young my Mom moved us out to California and as an adult on my own I lived shortly in Florida and a few years in Maine. I'm a typical jack of all trades and master of few.

My Dad was much older and I never really got to know him well. I doubt it was age that had anything to do with that because of the fact I was raised more by my Grand Parents. But none the less it felt like a joint commission so I feel today I never really learned what survival skills needed in the world as the rest of the majority had around me. I had to learn on my own. And I still learn today.

I'm considered a worker drone. Education and career was always priority. I've had the chance to live together with a few women but for some dark reason I never could pick the right one as I meet up with those that are less respecting towards men. Or at least lacked respect for me as a woman should have for her man. So after years of abuse the decision to be single was an option I feel was my only choice. I also do not have children of my own.

A quiet, conservative, happy and caring personality if what mostly describes me by friends. No matter how I would feel in the general public I try my best to put on a good face as to make others around me happy and comfortable. Even though sometimes at best is not very easy. Especially in these days.

The career. Yes I have tried my hand at several job opportunities and found the best that fits my needs and makes me happy is office work. Medical Office Administration to be precise. Helping others in this field is my lot in life. Over time being exposed to one angry person after another I learned in my own way how to calmly deal with such matters keeping my cool as best as I can. I also learned sometimes that as much as one will yell and scream at me thinking that is going to resolve matters does not always work out as intended.

The hobby. Yes, I like computer games, movies both at home and outdoors at actual Theaters. Going for walks and taking photographs with either a camera or a cell phone. Both do the trick. I also like writing, I have been doing so for several years as a hobby but this time I thought it just be the right time to write professionally. Even if it ends up as an Amateur stab at it, I can be proud enough to say I did this. After all how many people do we know wake up and say that? I don't know any.

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The Long Sad Penguin
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 1,070. Language: English. Published: June 2, 2016. Categories: Fiction » Fairy tales
This is a simple poem dedicated to depression in the form of a penguin.

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